“Dawn’s editorial skills and insight helped nourish my formation as a novelist. I had been used to publishing nonfiction in the world of psychology and spirituality, but storytelling proved to be a whole new challenge. Gently, she offered insights that informed the honing of both narrative and characters. I found that the actual way of putting words leading to sentences to paragraphs shifted as I took time to absorb Dawn’s professional input. Her editorial services are expertly explained and sensitively rendered. Among dozens of editors over the past thirty-five years of professional writing and publishing, I consider Dawn’s work excellent and highly recommend her editorial services.”

Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D., Psychologist, writer, and winner of the International Book Award for The Unholy

“Dawn Sperber helped me feel that my novel was ready to get out the door by cleaning up the manuscript, working with me through several revisions, and letting me tailor the type of editing I needed for this particular project.”

Kendra Tuthill, Author of Stitches

“Dawn Sperber is an editor who feels out the work before she makes changes. Unlike other editors who wanted to edit an entire novel before letting me review changes, Dawn was willing to start with the first chapter of my novel, Falling From The Moon. Once I felt comfortable with her style, we started to work a few chapters at a time. I really appreciated that on some of the harder edits, she listened to what I was trying to convey and then made recommendations that fit my prose style. She cleaned up my grammar with a light touch so as not to change the rhythm of my writing. She asked questions of culturally specific constructs before making changes. Her recommendations made my prose sparkle in all the right ways. I look forward to engaging her for my next project.”

Karin Zirk. Ph.D., Author of Falling from the Moon

The first time I met with Dawn, I told her I was looking for an intelligent reader as well as an editor; she filled both roles admirably. Working with my memoir is sometimes challenging because the topic is emotional and very close to my heart. Dawn read and responded with compassion and skill. At the same time, she led me to stay focused on the text, and didn’t let me get lazy about the writing and structure because of the emotion behind the words on the page. I’m eternally grateful for that beyond anything else. I embraced many of the suggestions Dawn made about my book, suggestions I had dismissed when hearing them from others, because she clearly explained how the changes would help a reader engage more strongly with the material. I accepted most of Dawn’s suggestions directly, adapted a few, and even the few I decided not to incorporate gave me a lot to think about. I know the book is better because of Dawn’s input. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

–Sandra Vallie

“Dawn was such a lifesaver when she edited my dissertation! I had gone completely word-blind while writing it so it was a relief to know she could catch the typos, grammatical mistakes, and confusing language that I kept reading past. The result was a clean copy manuscript that I was proud to submit for my doctorate degree. I also appreciated that she was easy to get in touch with and always sent me a thoroughly edited manuscript in a timely manner. In the world of writing, it can be difficult to find someone who is so responsible and timely in completing their projects. She is the go-to editor I recommend to fellow writers who need that extra layer of polish. I just love her!”

Maria DeBlassie, Author of Everyday Enchantments

“As a last semester graduate student, I am so grateful and impressed by the amazing editing job done by Dawn Sperber. I was in desperate need of completing a research thesis and was burned-out after a year of research and writing. My paper was unorganized and ideas were undeveloped. It was riddled with APA errors and grammatical and punctuation mistakes that I was not able to see from having read the paper so many times. I really needed help.

“I have known Dawn for a long while, have read, and enjoyed her many published (and unpublished) writings. She is a gifted writer and a person of great spirit and integrity. Dawn helped me revise my paper by offering insightful feedback and suggestions, which improved the organization, flow and voice of the paper. After the revision process, Dawn did a line-by-line edit my paper. She was incredibly thorough! I cannot believe how many errors had slipped past me. Throughout the whole process, Dawn shared comments and feedback and tracked all changes that had been made. I had never felt more confident to turn in a paper. I really appreciated her honest feedback and ideas during the revision process and her amazing eye for editing. It was a great experience and only I only wish I had been using her services earlier in my school career. I highly recommend Dawn Sperber’s editing services and will be calling upon her again!”

–Tracie Jenness

“Dawn is an excellent editor.  She has provided me with in-depth explanations for changes to the materials I have given her.  She’s pointed out where I need to spend more time addressing the quest of my protagonists, embellishing the introductions of each section with more description of people and location, and anchoring my flashbacks.  Her style is direct and tactful while honoring my communication efforts with kindness. Overall her advice is not only helping the readability of my manuscript, but also improving my writing skills.  In addition, she is genuinely interested in the message of my novel.  This translates to multiple-level support which I truly value.”

–Linda Pardo

“It was a pleasure working with Dawn. She did editing work for our IT business website and my resume. Though it was her first time editing something related to IT but still she was very willing to do it. As expected, she did a great job in doing that. She gave a thorough explanation for all the changes she made. She is very patient, determined, and a very kind person. I would highly recommend her and would definitely come back for more editing.”

–Kanchan Sharma, saratechnologies.com