As a last semester graduate student, I am so grateful and impressed by the amazing editing job done by Dawn Sperber. I was in desperate need of completing a research thesis and was burned-out after a year of research and writing. My paper was unorganized and ideas were undeveloped. It was riddled with APA errors and grammatical and punctuation mistakes that I was not able to see from having read the paper so many times. I really needed help.

I have known Dawn for a long while, have read, and enjoyed her many published (and unpublished) writings. She is a gifted writer and a person of great spirit and integrity. Dawn helped me revise my paper by offering insightful feedback and suggestions, which improved the organization, flow and voice of the paper. After the revision process, Dawn did a line-by-line edit my paper. She was incredibly thorough! I cannot believe how many errors had slipped past me. Throughout the whole process, Dawn shared comments and feedback and tracked all changes that had been made. I had never felt more confident to turn in a paper. I really appreciated her honest feedback and ideas during the revision process and her amazing eye for editing. It was a great experience and only I only wish I had been using her services earlier in my school career. I highly recommend Dawn Sperber’s editing services and will be calling upon her again!

–  Tracie Jenness